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Fresh Produce

Locally grown fresh produce

Organic Non gmo Spinach

4oz Container of organic spinach.

Organic Non gmo Micro Green Seasonal Mix

2oz container of delicious and nutritious organic micro greens. This mix contains a variety of micros that are in...

Organic non gmo Sun Flower Shoots

2 oz container of delicious nutty flavored Sun Flower Shoots

Organic non gmo Pea Shoots

2oz Container of delicious pea shoots filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories

Organic non gmo Micro Radish Greens

2oz container of zesty and delicious micro radish greens

Organic Non gmo Large Radish Combo

2lb Bag of Topples large Daikon, Alpine, Red crunch Radishes

Organic Non gmo Zesty Micro Mix

2oz container of zesty micro greens. Great for a salad or to add to any sandwich, taco, or burger.

Organic Non gmo Shoots & Leaves

4oz container of our delicious organic spinach mixed with our sun flower, and pea shoots for that extra flavor and...

Organic Non gmo Power Micro Green Mix

2oz container of micro broccoli, kale, red cabbage, and kohlrabi. This power mix is great for smoothies as well as...

Organic Non gmo Micro Basil

2oz container of flavorful micro basil that will add just the right amount of flavor to every meal!

Organic Non Gmo Carrots

1 bunch fresh delicious carrots !

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